Roller shutter FAQ

Why should I get window roller shutters?

To put it simply, they will save you money in the long term and improve your security. Roller shutters keep the heat out in summer and warmth in during winter, meaning you can go easy on your heating and cooling, or ditch your plans to buy an expensive new system. Window roller shutters in Melbourne will also significantly improve your home security as they are built to withstand force, and will also hide the contents of your home or business from prying eyes outside.

How do I know which roller shutter products are right for me?

Call us. We offer a FREE measure and quote on all new roller shutter installations across Melbourne, and will walk you through all the different window roller shutter colours, styles and systems on the market.

Should I get manual or electric roller shutters?

This will depend on your budget and lifestyle needs. All our new systems are competitively priced and pre-quoted. But if you are on a tighter budget, then manual window roller shutters are probably your best option, unless you’re physically restricted in operating them. If money isn’t a big issue then electric roller shutters are convenient and a bit of a luxury.

How can I ensure my window roller shutters last?

At The Shutter Doctor, we provide roller shutter servicing and maintenance and roller shutter repairs for Melbourne commercial and domestic customers. Our team of qualified tradesmen are the best in the business and have seen and done it all when it comes to roller shutter services. Roller shutters can be a big investment, so keeping your systems in working order and routinely maintained will save you money in the long term. There is no more professional team to trust with this than The Shutter Doctor, having been in the game since 1995.