Electric roller shutters, Melbourne

If you’re looking to buy your first window roller shutter system or upgrade, then installing electric rolling shutters in Melbourne certainly has its benefits. The Shutter Doctor can provide motorised roller shutters for commercial and domestic customers throughout the city and its outer reaches.

Choosing electric window shutters is an investment in your business or family’s safety and privacy and we deliver excellent products and the best customer service available. We offer the latest range of electric shutters in Melbourne with colours and styles to suit your home or commercial base, and provide a free quote on new installations.

The obvious reason for choosing electric shutters is the convenience. There’s no more manual handling because, at the push of a button, your home is secure and you are saving on your energy bills. However, choosing manual over electric roller shutters could also be a lifestyle choice for you or a family member who is restricted in mobility – the ease of use and comfort they provide is worth every cent of The Shutter Doctor’s cost-effective systems. If you have existing manual window roller shutters, we also offer electric roller shutter conversions across Melbourne. There will no longer be a need to make your way around the entire house closing every shutter, just press a button.

Motorised roller shutters are also effective security roller shutters, and are a smart choice for your business, shop front or commercial space. Have you avoided installing these reliable security features due to unreachable windows or the inconvenience of manual handling? Well, at the push of a button, your business, shop and assets will be untouchable and out of public view. An electric shutter system will save you time, energy and stress.

We have an expert follow-up roller shutter service and maintenance and repair team. The Shutter Doctor is your best choice in Melbourne for electric roller shutter systems.